Neo Vertika Floor Plans

There are many Neo Vertika floor plans to choose from! Choose one with a good view!

Neo Vertika Floor Plans

All of the Neo Vertika floor plans are designed for an open airy feeling. They feature an industrial style layout. The 2-story loft units face east and south. The single story units face south and west.

Let’s be honest, why be in Miami if you do not have a view? All of the Neo Vertika floor plans have a different view. The units that face east and south have a great view of the Miami River! The east-facing units also have a view of Brickell City Centre and the Brickell skyline. If you happen to choose one of the single-story units, you will most likely be facing west where you can see great sunsets and a view of the pool. The south-facing units have a view of the west Brickell skyline.

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