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We can help you sell or rent your Neo Vertika Condo! Pine River Realty are Neo Vertika Specialists.

We Are Neo Vertika Specialists

We have been in the business for over 10 years and we can safely say that not all Miami real estate agents are created equal! A realtor’s job is not just opening doors. To be honest the most effective ways to sell a Brickell condo has been very well established but it only works if the agent doing it, does it with passion and quality. With us, we promise dedication, responsiveness, passion, and quality work! Wouldn’t it be nice if your realtor knew all of the ins and outs of Neo Vertika and were able to explain its best features and had experience in handling its objections? Well, we know all about Neo Vertika and have a lot of experience selling and renting condos in Neo Vertika! We are Neo Vertika specialists!
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Let’s talk about selling your Neo Vertika condo!

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Quality Marketing

You won’t see any bad cell phone shots of Neo Vertika from us. We put passion into our marketing!

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Experienced Agent

We know the best selling points of Neo Vertika and the area to convey to buyers!

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We work with a team of professionals to ensure a smooth sale!

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Dependable Agents

Picking up the phone is half the battle. We promise we will be responsive and do our work with passion!

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Professional Photography

It’s no secret that buyers look at photos first! Make a good first impression. 

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Maximum Exposure

We have built a Neo Vertika marketing system (including this website) to give your listing a competitive advantage.

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Our Results

We have a lot of experience selling and renting condos in Neo Vertika. We will get your condo sold or rented as well!

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Completed Transactions

Years of Experience In The Business

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